Asking The I Ching Oracle

Chinese Philosophy has a history of several thousand years and is said to have originated from Yi Jing or the I Ching, Book of Changes. It was used by the Chinese to explore the meaning of human affairs, government policy, and most widely used as an almanac for farming and hunting. Over the centuries many famous people, including Confucius and Carl Jung, spent their lives studying this infamous oracle.

Today, the ancient texts of the I Ching have been edited and presented through many different publishers. The version consulted in this example is written by R. L. Wing and titled The I Ching Workbook. It is simple to use because you can begin consulting and learning through the application of this ancient wisdom without having to be scholarly. And yet this version also provides a wealth of history, philosophy, and explanation for the reader.

The I Ching is a personal favorite as an oracle because there is little room for interpretation. Interpretation can give a user a lot of room to ‘read’ what they want to read rather than what is truly being revealed.

As when consulting any oracle, it is always important to take the time to clarify your inquiry. The better you understand what you are asking, the better you will understand the answer.

This will be a highlight of the text from the answer, please feel free to go read the entire hexagram, it is extraordinary.

I have been living in a neighborhood that is less than desirable because of the convenience in location and did not stress my financial obligations. My daughters do not like here and I have to agree from their perspective.

The question asked in this reading was…”I have found a nice place to move. My friend and business partner has expressed that she feels it is bad timing for our new company and yet my daughters are really wanting to move. What is the best thing to do?”

The hexagram came up “Changing or Revolution” in its static form.

The forces at work in the situation are in conflict, leaving the path open to change. Yet the work of bringing about such a change is as difficult as it is important. People fear change because of its unknowable effect upon the future; so when a real need for CHANGING makes itself felt, it is a serious matter indeed. Clarity, forethought, and great devotion are now required to achieve your purpose. If correctly handled, however, the results can lead to a progressive new era.

In order to avoid stagnation and degeneration in the current situation, a transforming change may be necessary… Apprehend the needs of your milieu and make certain that this is not a passing mood…A necessary change will bring enlightenment to people and give them a working perspective into their futures…This is not a violent revolution, it is a carefully calculated transformation…

You may be in the midst of a revolutionary change in your overall point of view. It will take time and effort to bring all the external elements of your life into accord with this new outlook, but success is definitely assured.

Wow, how cool is that? I have been wrestling with the idea of moving for months. It is very clear to me that the new place I have found to live will offer a great place for my daughters to grow. It also gives me the opportunity to talk with my business partner from a very personal place of awareness.

I have always pursued both my personal and professional lifestyle from the place that they are completely connected.

Deciding what to do for a ‘career’ for me must harmonize with my family life or it will be too big a sacrifice and it will inevitably fail.

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