Physical Activity, Move It Or Lose It!

This really isn't rocket science. We are human beings; therefore, we are physical beings. If anything, we have simply lost our Owner's Manual and luckily here is a replacement.

Our bodies are our vehicles. If you park a car for a long period of time, what happens? It won't start without a jump, the tires will decay into the lopsided shape of the spot they were parked on, and all the fluids and filters will need changing before you can safely drive it.

In a nutshell, it is a very bad idea to leave a car unused for any length of time. So why do we think our bodies can be treated any differently? An exercise program simply offers the same maintenance schedule for your body as one does for your car.

Rule number 1:

Move your body - and anything counts when it comes to applying the rules of movement. By your very nature you're an animal some movement is always better than nothing and the more you move your body in one direction ie running, the more you need to move it in another to keep the balance within your joints.

Rule number 2:

If you are completely uninspired to do this then get creative:

Housework and yard work can be great exercise and often I think of the movie 'Karate Kid' to motivate me. The more I apply the idea that cleaning the bathtub with 'wax on, wax off' movements the more physical activity I will gain. Be sure you use both the right and left sides during the house cleaning.

Shopping! For some of my friends, getting out and walking through a store or mall is enough. Remember; something is better than nothing, and generally the more you do after that, the quicker you will feel better.

Go to a playground and play tag with your kids or throw a ball around in the yard and actually try to catch the ones that are out of reach. If you are lucky enough to have a youngster, take the opportunity to again use your non dominate arm to throw or catch to even the odds and work your passive side very effectively.

I was a competitive athlete for most of my young adult life and I remember reading this story from a pro ball player. He was in the middle of his spring training season and he decided one Sunday afternoon to do everything his toddler did to see what kind of a workout this would provide. He followed this kid over the couch and under the table and essentially never sat still all day long. He reported that he was sorer from this experiment than any workout in his professional career. So go easy at the playground, it can be an athletically demanding place to go!

We have all heard the connection between exercising and a healthy life style but the truth is - your health and well being absolutely depends on it. Physical activity will also help pump toxins out of your tissues to keep you looking younger and fight off infections. This is also one of the best anti parasite programs available, can help prevent joint injuries, improves your sex life, and finally one of my favorite images for motivation - help prevent the 'old lady shuffle'. This can all be yours at no extra cost to you.

Today there are so many options available for us. I even found a workout video from a stripper, you can get some exercise while learning the art of stripping! Not to mention the many other benefits this new talent can stimulate!

So turn up the music and get moving. Unleash that passionate energy that is naturally occurring within you.

The more you tap into it, the more it is available to you. It is truly one of our natural renewable resources!

It is all about motivation- find yours and begin participating in your life and not just treading the causal loop of existence.

Begin by asking yourself:

What is it that I want to do in my life that I am not doing now, and why not? If not now, when?

Then ask, how can I do what I want to do? It's just like creating a business plan:

1. You need to have a vision and mission statement.

2. Create a plan with actionable steps to achieve your vision.

3. Set time lines with milestone dates of completion or accomplishment.

4. Set goals and go about meeting them.

5. Recognize your steps and achievements along the way.

6. Celebrate NOW!

7. Always remember to say Thank You.

8. Learn something new everyday.

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Owner's Manual

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Our health will come naturally when we restore the balance between environmental, physical, mental, social, spiritual, and financial health. This healthy change will come when we educate, collaborate, and participate. Change is coming, are you prepared?