Detoxifying with Far Infrared

Dr. Staninger has become one of the leading researchers in the benefits of FIR therapy (Far Infrared Radiant). She has personally stated that if there was only one thing she could have in her ‘How to stay healthy in the 21 Century’ medicine cabinet – she would pick the MPS Global FIR therapy.

Dr. Staninger started publishing her research in 2006 and has once again highlighted the use of this infrared therapy to detoxify her patients and facilitate cellular remediation in her most recent papers to the NREP conference in Oct. 2009.

Her research as an industrial toxicologist and practice as a physician of Integrative Medicine treats a whole array of conditions stemming from contact with advanced nano materials and environmental toxins, including Morgellons.

She has book coming out shortly in which she has definitively stated that FIR therapy is one of the most important solutions for detoxing the ever growing list of mutating pathogens, genetically modified organisms, and ‘super bugs’ that are now of major concern for our health issues in the upcoming years.

She states, "They are the environmental answer to new nanotechnology-created diseases the next generation of environmentalists will have to correct. The melting point of many mycotoxin VOC’s is 81 degrees C and when using FIR radiant heat at 165 degrees C the compounds are evaporated off, or out of the body or surface area, for environmental remedial activity."

Where did FIR therapy start?

In 1965, Dr. Tadashi Ishikawa, a member of the Research and Development Department of Fuji Medical, received a patent for a zirconium ceramic infrared heater used in the first healing infrared thermal systems.

Japanese medical practitioners were the only ones using infrared thermal systems for 14 years. In 1979, they were finally released for public use. Japanese researchers have reported that infrared radiant heat antidotes the negative effects of toxic electromagnetic sources.

Far Infrared Sauna Benefits and Comparison

Infrared energy penetrates tissues to a depth of over one inch. Infrared Radiant energy output is tuned to correspond closely to the body’s own radiant energy, so that body tissues absorb close to 93 percent of the infrared waves that reach the skin.

Body tissues that need an infrared boost selectively absorb infrared rays. The tissue will only use the infrared rays in areas where it is needed. After boosting a tissue’s infrared energy, the remaining rays pass onward harmlessly. This phenomenon is called “resonant absorption.” Our bodies radiate infrared energy through the skin at 3 to 50 microns, with most output at 9.4 microns.

As Far-infrared energy is absorbed into human body, it increases our fundamental energy by exciting molecules of various cells. An easy way to understand this idea is like creating a domino affect within our systems natural process of cellular exchange.

Our tissues normally produce infrared energy for warmth and tissue repair. Tissue production of infrared energy is associated with a variety of healing responses. The Far-infrared travels the path of fresh water between the cells thus correcting the water molecules bond angle to a perfect hexagonal shape that then collects a total of 6 water molecules to form a collective microtubule of water. The microtubule then creates a fiber optic response that aligns all the molecules to respond to the correct mechanisms of the blueprint of the DNA. Once far-infrared is within the body at its total capacity, it is repealed. This occurs in all living forms of life and in any material that has moisture or a water molecule within its pores, such as cement which becomes 4-5 times stronger. (1)

By exciting our cells we increase blood flow which delivers nutrition and literally cleans out the toxins and accumulated fats. Obviously this facilitates and accelerates natural healing and increases cellular integrity.

The final benefit at the end of this domino chain is why we fondly call our FIR sauna the ‘anti aging box’.

Conventional Saunas simply do not deliver

A conventional sauna must rely on an indirect means of heat to produce the heating effect on the body by (convection: air currents and condition and direct skin contact with hot air). The MPS capsule and home sauna use special carbon fibers manufactured by Daiguin that generate far-infrared at temperatures as high as 180oF in the capsule and 148oF on the spine (via jade balls). The special carbon fiber allows one to touch these surfaces without burning one’s skin.

The radiant heat generated by these carbon fibers creates a penetrating heat and mildly warm air (which only heats the skin superficially). This crucial difference explains the many unprecedented benefits that come from its use that are not attainable in conventional saunas.

Another difference lies in the process of sweating. Infrared energy created in an MPS Dima capsule may induce up to two or three times the volume of sweat produced in a traditional sauna, while operating at significantly cooler temperatures (100-130oF – 37-55oC, compared to 180-235F). The lower heat is safer for those concerned with cardiovascular risk factors that might be adversely affected by high temperatures encountered in more traditional saunas.

German researchers have reported beneficial effects from hour-long, whole-body infrared exposure in two groups of hypertensive patients studied in 1989. They included a 24-hour-long increase in peripheral blood flow and decrease in high blood pressure. One issue for traditional sauna users has been breathing exceptionally hot air.

Unlike traditional saunas which require a closed atmosphere to maintain the levels of heat required for therapeutic results, infrared saunas can be used with the door or window fully open if the only desired effect is infrared penetration. It is distinctly more pleasant to breathe air that is 50-125oF (10-60oC); in an infrared sauna, patients breathe cooler air, while maintaining a feeling of warmth.

Why MPS Global is Superior

Now let's cut to the chase and discuss the major difference between the infrared therapy created by MPS Global, Inc. and any other manufacturer of far saunas.

The heating panels that deliver the FIR in a sauna or heating pad are made of carbon zirconium crystals. MPS Global has the superior technology on the market today because they are the only company to use the zirconium crystal in its pure diamond shape. Every other manufacturer has crushed this crystal into a paste before using it in their heating panels.

The benefit behind using the diamond crystal shape within the MPS Global units is purely science.

The use of high performance carbon fiber that is made from the filaments of man- made diamonds (zirconium), which is crystalline in structure, has been developed by MPS Global in panels for FIR Therapy products. All panels create a steady stream of pure far-infrared radiant heat that is from 4 to 16 microns. There are no photons and 1/2 electron spin, which is the basic definition of FIR in any CRC Press Handbook of Physics text. The use of these panels will create a temperature of 16521 degrees C, which does not cause any burning of the skin or ill effects upon its surfaces.

These diamond crystals create a frequency that penetrates the cells to allow the body to attack any infectious material, foreign invader (chemicals), biofilms, nano microbic material and biomaterials. The melting point of many chemicals is greater than the body, but FIR creates temperatures that are RADIANT HEAT (cold heat) and will not burn the skin just push out foreign matter.

Far Infrared Radiant heat accelerates the internal regeneration of cells, increases the cells integrity, and facilitates the removal of superoxide molecules and toxins. It appears that no matter what direction Nano technology continues developing in popularity and experimentation, FIR therapy will counter any potential and unforeseen health risks our generation will be exposed to.

Wouldn’t live in the 21st Century without one!

(1) MPS Global, Inc. and Daiugin Research on Far-Infrared Radiant Heat. Remediation and Industrial Applications. Pomona, CA. © 2004

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