Detox Cellular Tonic

Detoxing the body is a holistic approach to regaining your health and vitality. Whether you are actively dealing with a disease or a challenging health condition; including joint pain, digestive distress, or generally low energy, a detox program is an essential aspect to kick starting you back to life style of health and well-being.

If you are dealing with chronic or acute health issues then detoxifying the body can be as challenging on the system as the condition itself. One of the main concerns that must be understood and monitored within a detoxification process are your organs and lymph system's ability to flush toxins that have been stored in your cells.

It is very important to get medical advise and attention if you are in a physically challenging health issue. With that being said, we recommend this detox recipe for anyone who is ready to seriously release the root causes of their pain, sickness, and aging issues.

Here is a must have detox recipe, make a hard copy of this and put it in your 'survival kit'.

This is Dr. Hildy's Cellular Tonic Recipe, use it wisely and begin enjoying a life free from your pain and sickness.

6 Tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
4 Teaspoons of Diced Garlic
1 Level teaspoon of Cayenne Red Pepper

Cook together in a small pot for 1 minute then add the following ingredients:
1/2 Cup of brewed Green Tea (preferable Japanese Green Tea). Brew color should be lime green. If yellow/golden the water was too hot. Suggest 1/2 is boiled water and 1/2 is cool water for the perfect lime green color.
2 Tablespoons Red Wine Vinegar
1/2 Cup of Honey

Mix all together in the small pot with the previous ingredients and cook until the garlic makes a scum on top or about 4 minutes. Watch temperature because the honey will make the pot boil over if you do not pay attention. Once the scum comes to the top, remove from heat and strain into a glass container. Cool and use 1 tablespoon of more per day. Refrigerate after cooled. Note Olive Oil will harden in the fridge. Take it out and leave on counter to warm up to room temperature then shake and pour your tablespoon.

This tonic has been known to increase strength, skin texture and build muscles. Your body will become stronger and more dense as the toxins are released and your normal cell function is restored.

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