Environmental Sustainability

There are two documentaries that we recommend you sit down with the whole family to view. It is imperative at this time for the young adults and children to be a part of this vital education. It is for their future that they should be privy to the facts and prepare for this lifestyle change. It will be hard for many to make the necessary changes, however our youth will be far more resilient to the transition.

HOME is a visually stunning film about the state of our environmental health. The gentle quality of the narration and the gorgeous cinematography takes us on a journey where life started some 4 billion years ago. From this beginning, the story continues of how we came to this dire point in our evolution. This film is inspiring and at the top of our list.

You can view this film at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqxENMKaeCU

The documentary "The 11th Hour " is far more edgy and hits hard on the point that our future state of health is now in our individual hands- we must make ourselves accountable.

During the industrial age we began exploiting natural resources in order to take control of our survival. In the pre-industrial revolution days, we had an finite amount of energy resource to use in a year and this was dependent on the sun. Whatever we could harness in that amount of time was what we used to sustain ourselves and that meant our population was held in check at about 1 billion people.

Once we discovered and began mining for fossil sunlight and resources in the form of coal and oil, we were able to increase our resourcing and literally feed masses.

Today our population sits at about 6.4 billion people.

Most of us have forgotten that we are an extraordinary animal. We are the 3rd chimpanzee and we can make amazing tools.

Nature does what’s necessary as an opportunist, however man species has become an opportunist with greed and selfishness.

We have disconnected from our animal nature, from nature almost entirely. We sit above nature and call our selves special and separate from the natural world.

This film hammers home the fact that our over-consumerism is really the culprit as well the solution for making affective changes to our environmental health.

There is a rich source of contacts who have solutions for us now. To name a few from this film: Rick Feldrizzi of the US green building council says buildings account for a third of all energy used. There are simple and cost effective technologies to make our existing buildings green.

Gloria Flora, Director of Sustainable Obtainable Solutions has tracked how deserts grow where forests are cut. She states that 30% of our soils are degraded, ‘soil degradation’, due to the practices of agricultural farming that leads to eroding.

Wind electricity can compete, price wise, with our current energy system. Individuals in Congress are still trying to delay this.

Exxon is worth the sum of all auto companies in the world. Our politicians are responding- but they are responding to the higher powers - the 2% that control 80% of the wealth and they are not representing 'us', the whole of global humanity.

Corporate economic globalization is the weapon of our mass destruction.

The chasm to bridge is from public opinion to public policy- we the people must agree and ask ‘what are the solutions’? The solutions are already researched and created- the power of the consumer is in our hands and we must take control. The failure is in the government.

We are casting a vote every time we pay for something. Do you know how your food is raised and the by-products are disposed of?

Because every living system is in decline. Each of us can contribute to our future health, what will it be?

Please go to www.11thhouraction.com to join the movement.

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Our health will come naturally when we restore the balance between environmental, physical, mental, social, spiritual, and financial health. This healthy change will come when we educate, collaborate, and participate. Change is coming, are you prepared?