Water Pollution vs Bottled Water

Water pollution now causes an estimated 500,000 to 7,000,000 people to get sick in the United States alone. Water treatment plants are unable to remove rocket fuel, industrial chemicals, and dumping pharmaceuticals down the toilet as a means of disposal from the assisted living and elderly care facilities. Most 'stomach viruses' come from our drinking water. Some of the largest exposure to volatile pollutants we come into contact with comes through the skin while showering or brushing our teeth.

Fossil water is a non-renewable resource AND the 'Blue Gold' big business resource for 21 Century Industry.

The agriculture industry uses 70% of our clean water and another 10% is used in all other areas of industry manufacturing. The continued increase in petroleum based fertilizers, pesticides, genetically modified organisms, GMOs, herbicides, etc. in agricultural industry has increased the demand for water by five to ten times over the last decade.

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In Texas, toxicologists find high levels of Prozac in every fish they sample. Prozac is directly associated to Prostate cancer. Remember that the prostate to men is like breasts to women. They are glands that act as reservoirs therefore are very susceptible to accumulating toxins. There are direct links associated between the increase in environmental toxins and the increase in cancer, especially for these two top cancer diseases.

Atrazine is the most sprayed herbicide in the states. It is manufactured and sold by Swiss company called Syngenta The use of this chemical is banned in the entire European union, including Switzerland, the originating country of the company selling this product. Rain water can carry this harmful chemical over 600 miles. An estimated 80 million pounds of Atrazine is sprayed every year on our food crops. One has to begin asking a whole other branch of questions...if this is true, then is the agri-industry single handedly poisoning us through our land, air, and water resources?

During the Bush administration, both scientific and public awareness discovered this fact and petitioned the use of Atrazine. In the documentary, Flow, they reported that the Bush administration met 50 times in private sessions with this company and apparently cut a deal. What should have been an obvious choice to provide safe drinking water for American citizens instead and to this day, is business or should we say spraying as usual.

Atrazine is linked to a type of chemical castration that is occurring in our wetlands. Entire populations of frogs, alligators, and fish are losing their male gender. The consumption of corn is also being linked to an increase in male sterility in humans. Since corn is actually the largest crop grown under conventional conditions...is there a connection?

Bottled water has grown into more than a $400 billion a year industry...

...and there are just a few top players in the privatization strategy of our drinking water. Vivendi, Suez, and Thames are the three leading companies in distributing drinking water to the world. These top players are able to lease large plots of land that sit above public water tables and fossil water reservoirs and siphon off our water to sell back to us at more than ten times it's public value. Often, they are filling that pretty labeled bottle with city tab water and selling it again, for large profits. Heck, if we would just re-fill our own bottles of water everyday, just think of all that money we would have to spend on those higher priced organic foods that are far healthier as well. Seriously!

In 1999 Bolivia's government privatized the public water system. Suez, one of those private water companies, said it built an 80 million dollar treatment plant for the local people in the area. Not only was this completely false - they were also diverting raw/untreated sewage into the rivers. After riots and 'water wars' for years, in 2007 Bolivia ended it's contract with the Suez water company and returned the water systems to the people. So here's another question to ponder. As consumers, if we keep buying bottled water, which most of the time just regular tap water with a pretty label of some mountains on it, are we setting ourselves up for even greater pollution and health concerns in the near future?

The FDA has less than one person regulating the 'bottled water' industry in US. They have no idea what is in any one brand of bottled water. Private testing proved that many of the name brand labels that said 'glacier water' were really ground water from Florida and that 'mountain spring' was actually tap water.

Do your own Google-ing and ask something like: FDA regulations on bottled water... see what comes up...here are some tracks we followed....


This rather official 'dot org' site is owned by the International Bottled Water Association and marketed by Ciavolino & Sheeler Marketing Communications. There are several websites associated with this group and they are doing a wonderful job making us feel informed and safe. hmmmmm but in other words, it is a privately owned that was savvy enough to purchase .org websites which is no different than buying a .com site.

From their website a statement reads:

State laws that require additional water source information on bottled water labels are preempted by Federal law. (Authors note: preempted means to head off, be first, to forestall or prevent). FDA during the bottled water standards of identity rulemaking considered requiring the water source on bottled water labels, but rejected the issue as not a material fact because other federal requirements provide the consumer with assurances as to the safety, quality, and type of water source. (Authors note: We are still looking for the other federal requirements that provide consumers with assurances and haven't found it). In addition, Federal law expressly preempts non-identical state requirements for foods subject to federal food standards.

From the FDA's website at http://www.fda.gov/Food/FoodSafety/Product-

"SpecificInformation/BottledWaterCarbonatedSoftDrinks/ucm077065.htm) we found this statement: Because FDA's experience over the years has shown that bottled water has a good safety record, bottled water plants generally are assigned low priority for inspection."

In fact, FDA's rules completely exempt 60-70 percent of the bottled water sold in the United States from the agency's bottled water standards. The FDA says its rules do not apply to water packaged and sold within the same state. On record, there are about 40 states say they say they regulate such waters (however budget cuts leave little resources dedicated to policing this); therefore, about one out of five states do not have any method of testing and upholding honest packaging regulations. Cited from: http://www.nrdc.org/

Our city water systems are regulated by the EPA and must issue annual "right-to-know" reports telling consumers what is in their water. Private bottlers successfully killed such a requirement for bottled water.

One day we had the opportunity to talk with some city officials after they finished laying new water lines in the neighborhood. They came by asking how our water pressure was and we commented back that it was the level of dirt and then cloudiness that we were most concerned about. His response was that this would clear really quickly because they had boosted the chlorine levels as a counter measure. Needless to say, this did not bring about a sense of peace or comfort.

Here are several more statements by the FDA that are less than comforting:

1. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is amending its bottled water regulations to require that bottled water manufacturers test source water for total coliform, as is required for finished bottled water products. Author's note: Coliform is a catch all for bacilli that commonly inhabit the intestines of humans and other vertebrates, especially the colon bacillus. This contaminate is a rapidly growing hazard due to the agri-industry run off from the animal husbandry divisions.

2. Existing regulatory provisions require bottled water manufacturers to keep records of new testing required by this rule. This final rule will ensure that FDA's standards for the minimum quality of bottled water, as affected by fecal contamination, will be no less protective of the public health than those set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for public drinking water. This new rule is effective December 1, 2009.

All this really says is bottled water companies must now keep records of these tests. With less than one man in the FDA to watch over this industry and these bottling plants are already considered a low priority for inspection, how would we ever really know our bottled water is safe until...? Meanwhile they are quickly depleting our own public, natural source for drinking water and selling it back to us for incredible profits in their pockets. This sure doesn't give the team at the Fountain of Wellness much confidence that there is a global vision that supplies everyone's right to access a fountain of clean drinking water.


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