Genetic Engineering is Big Business

In 1980, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a genetically-altered micro-organism could be patented. With that door now open to profit, private genetic research soared.

Most people think positively about the advancements in biotechnology in areas like medicine, which is indeed a big part of the industry. Leading geneticists are hot on the trail to eradicating cancer and the latest in cloning has successfully grown body parts like the human ear. What this means for vital organ transplants is extraordinary.

As we step into 2010, biotechnology is common practice in a many of today’s industries.

Bio-fuels, based on plants like corn or animal by-products, are supplementing and, can actually replace, our dependence on oil and natural gas.

Gene therapy involves the replacement or repair of defective genes and may lead to a cure for cancer and many other diseases. Bio-identical hormones are helping women navigate through menopause and are in the lead for that fountain of youth formula we all hope for.

Pharmaceuticals produced through genetic research can be highly targeted toward specific conditions and are supposedly more effective than traditional medications.

Biotechnology has revolutionized the agriculture business, leading to higher-yielding crops and more efficient animal husbandry.

Scientists around the world are racing to make the next big genetically engineered breakthrough. But there is a dark side to all this as well.

Since biotechnology is all about genetic enhancement, it enables crops and animals to live in poorer and unhealthier conditions. In turn, this only further exasperates our environmental issues.

We are eating food that can be plasticized and then flavor enhanced. Fake food with a longer shelf life and new improved flavor! The repercussions to our physical health are pointing to some very wild medical curiosities.

After the catastrophe of 9/11, Congress gave pharmaceutical companies permission to ‘test’ these advanced technologies on the public without our knowledge or consent.

For those patriots that believe our national defense is worth the price of a few less rights, we encourage you to do some research. Morgellons is an unexplained dermopathy according to the CDC - and are plastic fibers growing in human tissue. Lyme Disease is so elusive in it's ability to mimic hundreds of different diseases it can not be fully tracked or diagnosed by our conventional medical community.

This is just the beginning of the medical anomalies that will plague our health in the 21 Century.

Biomedical engineering has birthed a new species of bugs. These enhancements are breaking the rules and why wouldn't they? They are 100% Frankenstein-ish. There are invisible biting bugs being associated as a potential vector for Morgellons in California, Texas, and Florida. Last year in Sweden they ran out of the conventional medicine prescribed for treating scabies during an outbreak in the universities.

Some of our team members at the Fountain of Wellness personally came into contact with a 'super scabies' insect and have our own journals of experience. They are an enhanced organism made of advanced nano materials. The traditional poisons once used to kill them are no longer effective. For all we know, they may thrive in it!

Luckily we have another group of brilliant minds working just as hard to understand and counter act these bio-toxins and bio-enhanced bugs. Having a doctor with a background in environmental toxicology, biotechnology, or genetics and molecular biology is highly recommended for the 21 Century.

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